Rochelle Tumbled Limestone

Floortique's tumbled stone flooring range is quite comprehensive. There are colours ranging from off white, through cream and yellow shades and on to grey and black tumbled limestone.

And far from being a collection of small opus patterns, many come in huge flagstone sizes and larger random patterns. Our favourites are the free lengths x 500 and 600mm size of which we have several, the most popular being Rochelle tumbled.
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Tumbled and Aged Stone Flooring

Crema Dura Tumbled Limestone Oiba

Crema Dura
Crema Dura Tumbled

Branco Brushed limestone

Cava Tumbled limestone

Malham Tumbled

Carnaby Limestone Tumbled

Carnaby Limestone Tumbled

Tavel Tumbled

Cartagena Tumbled
Cartagena Tumbled

Dorset Sand
Dorset Sand Tumbled

Aragon Beige
Aragon Beige Tumbled

Rochelle Tumbled

Neranjo Tumbled

Travella Tumbled

Golden Shell
Golden Shell Tumbled

Jurassic Beige
Golden Shell Tumbled

Astro Grey
Astro Grey Marble Tumbled

Negev Tumbled

Charterhouse Tumbled

Brecon Grey
Brecon Grey Tumbled

Jurassic Blue Grey
Jurassic Blue Grey Tumbled

Lucca Limestone Tumbled

Lakeland Grey
Lakeland Grey Tumbled

Dove Grey
Dove Grey Limestone Tumbled

Catalan Gris
Catalan Gris Tumbled

Moorland Grey
Moorland Grey Limestone Tumbled

Bluestone Tumbled

Country Flagstones
Country Flagstones

Floortique can offer some superb flagstone flooring.

From sandy cream to dark beige. Choose from a riven authentic old flagstone or a tumbled random pattern.

Try our free length x 500m flags in Cream, Beige And Grey.

Traditional Splendor
Traditional Checkerboard Marble Floor

Classical chequerboard flooring in carrara marble and black marble or stone.

This is a look that lends authenticity to a restoration project or a new build in character style.

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